Strategic Alliance with Batlle seeds

Strategic alliance between ESSEEDS and Batlle seeds

ESSEEDS y Semillas Batlle fsign a collaboration agreement for the expansion and commercialisation of new crop alternatives that generate diverse options for farmers in the Iberian Peninsula.

The company Semillas Batlle one of the leading companies at national level, created in 1802 and with a solid distribution channel, will market several of the varieties that the company ESSEEDS The company currently produces and markets seeds in Thailand and Brazil and has a distribution network in more than 11 countries.

Last week, the two companies signed a strategic alliance to complement each other and to achieve new goals, with which they will make these varieties, which have already been successfully tested and proven in Spain, known and brought to a wider public. As David Martin CEO of ESSEEDS comments.

Both companies will work towards the dissemination and commercialisation of cover crops such as Crescent Sunn (Crotalaria Juncea) and forage crops such as Siambasa Grass and Loei, the latter being ESSEEDS‘ latest venture. for fodder production, a crop belonging to the leguminous family that offers a high fodder yield with a low fertiliser input and low water requirements, an ideal crop for the situation we are currently experiencing with high costs of nitrogen fertilisers and a generalised national drought.

Martin explains that the alliance was forged with these three crops as a first phase, with a view to incorporating a larger number of crops in subsequent phases. Currently ESSEEDS has 5 new products in its test fields which, once their adaptability to the environmental conditions of the Iberian Peninsula, their profitability and production capacity have been verified, will be launched on the market under the alliance made between Semillas Batlle and the ESSEEDS in order to continue to generate alternatives and thus wealth for the agricultural sector.