Crescent Sunn

Crotalaria Juncea

Crescent Sunn (Crotalaria Juncea) is an annual herbaceous species of the Fabaceae or legume family, which stands out for its rapid establishment (large number of germinated seeds at 48 – 72 Hrs.) And a short vegetative cycle, only 6- 8 weeks, in which it can reach up to 1.8m

Crescent Sunn is the only Crotalaria Juncea species approved by the University of Florida (USA) as a dual aptitude crop.

Use green manure

  • Control of water and wind erosion
  • Weed control
  • Increase in macro and micro porosity of the soil
  • Control of soil fungal attacks
  • Control of the population of different types of nematode family
  • Great fixation of U.F. Nitrogen, in addition to P and K
  • Incorporation of fast mineralizing organic matter
  • Increase in auxiliary fauna

Forage use

  • Short cycle (ideal as a second crop)
  • Outstanding protein percentage
  • High percentage of energy
  • Use for both hay and silage
  • High palatability
  • High in vitro digestibility
  • By making a forage use, soil improvement is also carried out
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