Zakat grass

Pasto Zakat, belongs to the family of grasses, and stands out for its versatility of adaptation to different types of agricultural land and poor soils, achieving a remarkable result in production in saline soils. It is a crop that can be used for grazing, henification and silage. With very good results in dairy and beef cattle.

It also highlights its use in sport horses since it is a pasture with very good energy values.   Its fiber is very digestible which makes it a crop with very good percentages of intake by animals.

Zakat is a crop that does not stand out for its rapid establishment, its fullness in production achieves it from the second year onwards.


  • Vegetative cycle: Pluriannual up to 6 years.
  • Growth: Erecto and sponsee.
  • Height: up to 1,20 mtr.
  • Growing season: warm season.
  • Dissemination: Seeds.
  • Soils: Deep, well drained.
  • Tolerance to drought: High.
  • Tolerance to frost: High.
  • Tolerance to salinity: High.
  • Tolerance to waterlogging: Very high.
  • Dry matter production: 18 – 20 Tn/ms
  • Palatability: Excellent.
  • Toxicity: None.
  • Sowing density: 8 – 10 kg.
  • Epoch of sowing: Beginning of warm epoch.
  • Sowing depth: 1 cm.
  • Observations: Forage production.
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