The company

Efecto Soluciones, S.L. (ESSEEDS as a brand) produces and markets seeds internationally. We currently sell seeds in more than 11 countries.

Our company is characterized by the introduction of new plant species in different countries, always with the intention of offering new crop alternatives that help generate higher returns in the agricultural sector.

The production of the seeds that we commercialize is carried out under strict quality controls, in order to offer our clients the highest quality of seeds.


Adapting to new times and constant renewal is part of the DNA of ESSEEDS, which is why believing R + D + I has always made us be at the forefront and to be able to generate alternatives for farmers and ranchers. Our group currently has an agreement on research and development of new varieties, after the agreement reached with the University of Florida (US), with which we will be able to continue offering new, more productive and differentiated varieties in the future.

International Presence: makes us very satisfied to be able to act internationally under the action of sustainability, solarity, with the feeling of team and maintaining a very deep respect for our distributors, who at an international level make ESSEEDS present in 16 countries and that year after year, new countries continue to be added where we make our values manifest. In the countries where we have a commercial presence, we put all our effort and dedication so that our products have a place of reference.

We currently work with distributors in each country where we have a presence, however ESSEEDS makes a great effort to serve all farmers in countries where we currently do not have commercial agreements, whether they are small, medium or large, the entire team that makes up ESSEEDS works to that all our products can have a presence from where they demand it and thereby help to generate more productive and profitable alternatives for ranchers and farmers around the world.


Team: we work under the premise of a team and in an atmosphere of friendship that makes the feelings and dedication that we put into our work reflected in the relationship with our clients.

Clients: the individuals for whom we have advanced in our project and to whom we dedicate all our effort, adapting to their needs and providing them with all our commitment and knowledge.

Solidarity: Behind our day to day there is a commitment to the people who are around our projects at an international level and to whom we try to get the best quality of seeds at a fair price, in addition to establishing relationships based on ethics and transparency.

Sustainability: for several years we have focused on the production and commercialization of cover crops, given our belief in respect for the environment and as a commitment to promote and publicize the multiple benefits that these cover crops bring to our surroundings and with this to the sustainability of our planet.

Dedication and effort: values that make us have continuous improvements in our professional activity and with it better results in the relationship with our clients, with our team, and friends and collaborators, all of them make up the ESSEEDS brand.


Our commitment to our distributors makes us grow every day to offer them the best quality and a good price. Our distributors called by us business partners are the basis of our growth, enjoy while you grow and consolidate a relationship of respect and commitment makes us work enjoying while we grow. Given the importance that our business partners represent for us, we maintain a relationship of loyalty, transparency and trust with them.

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