The quality of Crotalaria Juncea (Crescent Sunn)

Behind Crescent Sunn (crotalaria juncea as a species) there is a great team and a great effort to achieve the best quality of seeds and a differentiation in the market.

Research, dedication, dedication and passion are some of the adjectives of the human team that makes up the Crescent Sunn brand carry with them day by day

Quality analysis endorsed by the international standards of the ISTA with 100% purity make us feel proud of our daily work and the result we have obtained.

We want to take advantage of these lines to thank the people who work with us in improving the quality of crotalaria juncea every day and highlight its advantages:

Mr. John Calvert (production manager in Thailand).

Professor Joao Vendramini (head of the research department of the University of Florida, USA)with whom our sister company Tropical Seeds has an agreement to be at the forefront and continue to know new attributes of this species.

Also to highlight the Gentlemn. Jesús Rabanillo and David Torres, perhaps the people with the most knowledge in Spain about this crop or Mr. Eduardo Stern, CEO of Tropical Seeds LLC and that 10 years ago had the vision of the future to know the importance that this crop would have in our days at an international level.

All of them and many more professionals mean that we are currently marketing Crescent Sunn in more than 11 countries internationally and offering excellence in quality and incomparable attributes (endorsed by studies of the highest prestige).