Crescent Sunn for weed control

Today we bring you a small article in which we explain the benefits that Crescent Sunn (of the crotalaria juncea species) brings to weed control.

Weed control

Weed control is becoming an increasingly complicated task, mainly due to the resistance of these to the agrochemicals that we have been using.

How and why does Crescent Sunn help in weed control?

One of the main reasons is its rapid growth, sometimes we have in just 6 to 8 weeks a crop of 1.80 meters high. This makes us think that it generates shadow from its first stages. This is therefore the main reason why Crescent Sunn helps in weed control.

We also have several ways to introduce this biomass that we get. The first is by a mechanical action on earth. In this mechanical action, with this mechanical action an alloopathic effect is achieved on its leaves that inhibits the proliferation of weeds.

We can also use the mowing technique to achieve a vegetal cover on our soils. This vegetation cover that we leave in the soil will cause sunlight not to reach the soil (it does not have the ability to penetrate). Having no sunlight, the proliferation of weeds of any kind is not possible.

Conclusions on weed control

I hope I have helped you to understand a little more the virtues of this seed of the species crotalaria juncea that is bringing so many advantages to agriculture internationally.

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Video version of this article

To make it simpler, we have prepared a video version of this same article.

In the video: David Martín (manager at Efecto Soluciones, S.L.)