Characteristics of Siambasa grass

This time we are going to talk about the characteristics of Siambasa grass as a forage crop.

Excellent nutritional table

The first thing I want to highlight, and possibly one of the main characteristics of Siambasa grass is its excellent nutritional table since it gives us everything an animal needs to produce meat or produce milk.

From this nutritional table I emphasize that the forage contains high levels of protein, high levels of energy. very good levels of fiber and high digestibility which makes this crop a perfectly balanced food for our animals.

So that you can understand this example we are going to compare the characteristics of Siambasa grass with other more traditional crops such as alfalfa or corn.

Alfalfa can be considered one of the most protein crops internationally, but nevertheless, its energy percentages are quite low.

However, corn is the complete opposite; their energy percentages are wonderful but their fiber percentages are low.

For all this and returning to the characteristics of Siambasa grass, we get a complete, balanced nutritional table with excellent nutritional values in everything that an animal may need.

On the seed of siambasa grass (panicum maximum)

Siambasa grass (species panicum maximum) is possibly the best alternative on the market since with this forage you will be feeding your animals in a balanced way.

At ESSEEDS we have been producing and distributing Siambasa grass internationally for years with impressive results.

We will be happy to help you in our usual communication channels to provide you with more information about this and other seeds we distribute. You can contact us by filling out the contact form or locate your nearest distributor.

Characteristics of Siambasa grass
Characteristics of Siambasa grass

Features of Siambasa grass in video

If you prefer, we have prepared a video version (just under 2 minutes) in which I explain these features. I hope I have been of help to you.

In the video: David Martín (manager at Efecto Soluciones, S.L.)